Monday, June 7, 2010

Were There Rules?

I've determined to keep on top of this blog - to do it right.  When I was attempting to write the blog for Yellow Bird Art I found some major incompetencies in my ability to be consistent.  So in beginning Summer Kitchen Quilts I thought, in a vague, but well intentioned manner to shoot for improvement.

Yesterday, I decided to conduct a bit of internet research on ways to do just that.  Wow, did I ever get an eye-opener!  All, this time I've foolishly thought that writing a blog was a rather informal method of communication.  The blogs I've read and enjoyed give a snapshot of everyday life in such a lovely variety of homes and businesses not just here in the US, but around the world.  Visiting and reading my favorite blogs has been a delicious treat when the time was available.

What I learned was that there are hundreds, and I mean hundreds of rules about blogging.  I was horrified to learn that thus far I've been doing it all wrong.  Here are just a few of my gastly errors:
  1. The design of your blog should be completed before you push that little "Publish Post" button.  Silly me, I thought I could gradually make improvements as we moved forward.  One of my strengths is flying by the seat of my pants, so do I need to reform?  BTW, anyone know what that means?
  2. Select neutral color themes.  Oh, before I forget, my color scheme is too wild.  Huh?
  3. Your font sends a message.  I really blew it because I didn't consider the subtle message I was sending (elegant, serious, artistic, playful, etc.) through my choice of font.  You're reading this particular font because sure as shootin', I will forget between one blog post and another what font I had selected, which could probably imply some sort of serious psychiatric condition which isn't being treated, so I just use the default font.
  4. Give careful consideration to the name of your blog.  Again, silly me - I just thought since I'll have a workshop in the authentic 1896 summer kitchen at our new old house that "Summer Kitchen Quilts" would work.  You know, I could have hired people to develop my blog's name.
  5. Have a clearly defined theme for your blog.  To correct that mistake ~ I figured this one out easily ~ my theme is the story of a woman attempting to fulfill her artistic dreams while keeping clean underware in her husband's dresser.
  6. Plan the topics for each blog post in advance, and those topics should be related to the overall theme of your blog.  Cripes, if I was that organized (not that I don't wish I was, but at 61 you learn to gracefully accept some things about yourself) I'd know what I'm eating for dinner tonight.
  7. Blog posts need to be carefully edited.  Well, I do try to be diligent about this, but you know how that goes.  You read and re-read over and over, and until you post it, you never notice the fatal flaws. 
  8. You can use some photos or pictures, but don't over do it, it's visually confusing.  The blogs I adore have loads of photos!  It's what attracts me to them.  Exactly how do these "experts" become such experts?  Wasn't the point of blogs, the joy of blogs, supposed to be the freedom of creating a blog that reflects your personality?
  9. Be regular in your blog posts.  Ok, I'll go with this one - it just makes sense.  However, I really don't think it necessary for me to post every Sunday, regardless.  What if life has the audacity to get in the way?  Will you still love me if I post on Saturday or Monday that week instead?  Does your life ever seem to get out of control like mine?  My good intentions at this point are to post once a week.  But you never can tell, something exciting may happen before Sunday that I'll want to share with you, so be on the lookout for surprise posts!
  10. Don't post long lists.
I'd really love to hear some of your blogging tips.  What are some of your favorite blog features?  Do you have any pet peeves?

My best to you all and thanks so much for reading!
P.S. Thanking your readers and asking them questions is recommended.


  1. Very funny mom- keep up the good work! ;)

  2. I think your blog is just fine!
    I restarted my blog last month...I use to have one called Cathy's Quilt Creations and then thought I shouldn't be blogging because it took too much of my time, and my cousin and daughters convenience me that it was a really good outlet for me, and for my need to connect with people. It is so easy to met nice people here in blog world, and it seems next to impossible to meet people in the outside world. Know what I mean?

    Anyways, I think every blogger has their own style and that is what makes each blog interesting. I enjoy whatever most people what to show or reveal of themselves and their creations! I'm not a big judger. I enjoy creativity of almost any kind!