Sunday, June 20, 2010

Just be Creative

I woke up the other morning feeling like a 12 year old on the first Saturday of summer vacation.  Do you remember how exhilarating  that was?  My first thoughts were of my studio and the amazing new fabrics I'd picked up at Quilt Market in Minneapolis and the ideas that have been floating in and out of my mind for their use.
I met Terrie Mangat, an artist from near Taos, New Mexico at Market.  Her booth was filled with her complex embellished and painterly art quilts and stacks of her fabrics from Free Spirit.  The fabrics in Terrie's booth were part of her display for selling her patterns and art quilts.  She was warm, open and friendly and she graciously sold me one yard cuts of the fabrics she had on hand after only a small amount of whining on my part.  I'm so intrigued by the colors and patterns she uses.  You'll recognize the Catholic images - Terrie was brought up Catholic, and she loves the richness of the traditional imagery.  If you're interested in more about her - will take you there!

As a backup creative option for the day, I thought I could work the the afghan I'm knitting for my son using Manos hand dyed wools.  I felt real good about my plans for the day!
Then reality took a huge bite out of it!  I don't know about you, but I've got this hang-up about "playing" when my "work" isn't done.  Lately my work has been getting our house ready for showing to sell, and then keeping it show ready during daily living.  You may be laughing at this point, but I have a plan I've named Operation Clean House.  I've been sorting and packing each room as I do a super cleaning.  Once that room is clean, Operation Clean House rules go into effect for that room.  I've only got three more rooms to sort, pack and clean for the whole house to be under OCH.  The rules of Operation Clean House are simple:  Put it back where it belongs when you are done with it, make the bed and no stacks on horizontal surfaces.
Today's room to be cleaned was my bathroom, darn it!  There went my creative dreams for the day.  I think a lot of that carefree joy we felt as kids was because somebody else was doing all the work.  My Big Goal is to get ALL of my house ready to show.  Then no one is going to find me because I'm going to be holed up in my studio just being creative!

If you'd like to see my house it's here.
I hope you have a lovely creative day without any housework!


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  1. Angela, again, I like your words and the way you communicate! You really should get back to blogging. Blogging takes time to get your followers, but when it happens it begins to go fast. Just be sure and visit over blogs also and follow them, because then they get to know you!

    I hope your house has sold by now. Your log cabins your finish sound wonderful! My mom refinished a house we lived in in 1970, and it use to be an old 1800's carriage house for the big house that was next door. What use to be the carriage lean too..became the kitchen of this converted house many years ago. My mom brought the house into a modern state. Then my brother in law bought it from her and did a few improvements. It sits in a very old historic section of the city.

    Did you finish your son's afghan?