Thursday, June 10, 2010

Blog Designs

Do you love to rearrange your furniture all the time?  My mother did, and I think it scarred me permanently.  Other kids were outside eating Twinkies and I was stuck inside pushing the heavy end of some sort of furniture.  The midnight trip to the one bathroom  (and we were darned glad for it ~ you coddled generation of three) in the house could prove deadly when you were half awake.  I think all my adult foot problems are truly related to the jammed toes I suffered as a child.  Really.

For the 40 years of renting or owning my own abode, I've become known for my refusal to rearrange any of my furnishings - ever.  Not for family parties, not for Christmas, not ever, don't even mention it in my presence.  I may torture my moving friends, but primarily my husband, for hours upon hours of moving this to there and maybe back again, or just a half a foot to the left, in a new house but I'll tell you what, once I've got the layout of a room just so, it's pretty darned good.  And that's just where everything is going to stay until I move or die!

But joy upon joy, Blogger has done a marvelous thing.  They've come up with some darned snazzy new templates and more backgrounds and color collections than I can hardly stand to think about.  I just spent the evening messing around with new designs and layouts while DH watched a thriller he swore he hadn't seen, but had, which he confessed as the credits rolled.  I barely scratched the surface of this new treasure trove for bloggers during those two hours.

So, be honest ~ what do you think of the new digs?  BTW, I'm sure I'll be breaking a mess of blogging rules, but dang it, I'm going to make up for all that furniture I never shoved around rooms and I'm changing the decor of this blog every time I get the itch for something new.  Without getting sweaty or stubbing my toes!

'Till later ~ Angela

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