Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Working on the Chain Gang....

Tillie, my rat terrier, and BD (beautiful dog) surveying the painting progress.
Faye making the porch beautiful!
We've been consumed with working on our newold house in New Albin.  It seems an eternity to me that I've been re-glazing all the downstairs window.  You know how it is when you start a new project?  "Heck, I can get this whipped out in a couple of days!" you murmur to yourself.  If only....  I honestly thought it would take three or maybe four weeks to re-glaze the 20 downstairs windows - HA!  First you have to ever so carefully remove all the only glazing material with a heat gun - being cautious to no overheat the glass, which would crack it - then you scrape all the old glaze out - again easy on the glass, put new glazing points into the wood frame to hold the glass in place, clean and scrape all old glaze material off the glass, then apply new glazing compound into the window frame to make an air tight seal.  I have great admiration for those who are expert in handling glazing compound - that gift passed me by, although I did keep at it until each window at least looked like Frankenstein's Bride had NOT been in charge of the glazing.  And I only got 17 windows done!  That's my good friend Faye with the paintbrush in hand.  She came over on a brilliantly sunny and warm day last week to paint the front porch to match the aluminum siding.  Go figure, but when the house was sided long ago, they didn't side the porch (ok with me), so a miracle happened at Home Depot where I only buy Behr Paints, they managed to match the paint to the siding!!  I had been really worried about that.  Next summer the porch floor, ceiling, trim and posts will get a new coat of paint.  Faye!.....

Walking into the Sunroom from the kitchen.
How handy would this sink be close to a studio?
From the "new" bathroom into my studio.
Tillie follows me just about everywhere I go.

This is the sunroom which will become my studio.  I'm not particularly good at mentally envisioning space, so I'm not sure just how much of my current studio is going to fit in the space.  DH appropriated about 20sf to enlarge the half bath to a 3/4 bath, and I did pitch a minor hissy fit even though I understand having the shower will be a great thing.  I'd love to talk him into adding one of those small Kohler Guilford farmhouse sinks, but the price is prohibitive.  We've got a re-use, buy used budget, which is great....  If only wishes were horses!  I'm finding the most difficult thing for me is paying attention to how much work I can do - this poor body only has so much it can do before I have a crash and spend a couple of days dealing with serious pain.  I spent 6 to 7 days per week for a while because I didn't want DH to be there by himself all the time (and I do have to say he's been a real trooper getting things done).  But after getting sick for a week, I had to re-think my strategy.  Now I'm thinking maybe 4 days a week, but not consecutive, although if the sun shines and the air temperature is moderate I still have a couple of windows to go!  I do miss spending time sewing, but Amy has taught me some jewelry making techniques so on nights when we aren't passed out in our recliners I'm making some things I hope to sell on Etsy.  Hope you've all been enjoying this amazing fall we've been blessed with!
XOXO Angela