Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Sue Spargo Kit Winners! Hooray & Congratulations!

I love giving things away and sharing the blessings!  Sharing the bounty God gives us is a wonderful to begin this day.  Here are all the wonderful women who entered the drawing.  If I missed you, or didn't enter you the correct number of times, please, oh please, let me know asap?

 And the names go into the bowl:
Valerie, gerrimom and jeanne have each won a Sue Spargo "Yellow Bird Pin Cushion & Pinkeep"  kit.  Being a softie ~ looking at that bowl full of names ~ I just had to pull three more.  Pip, Taryn, and Lulu are each going to receive a little mystery package of sewing/quilting goodies from me.  Please e-mail me your address, etc!

I so deeply appreciate your visits to my blog and all the encouraging and uplifting comments!  I think I'm on my way to figuring out my photo posting problems (please, Lord), so please hang with me as I work this out.  I'll have the remainder of Part 2 of the ToteBag tutorial posted today ~ hopefully very soon! 

SIGN UP FOR THE TOTEBAG GIVEAWAY.  I'm giving a complete kit in the same fabrics I'm using for the tutorial to one lucky winner, and I'm also giving away the completed bag I demonstrate in the tutorial!

Here's how to sign up  for the giveaway - on this post or Part 1 (Fri. Jan. 20) or Part 2 (Mon. Jan. 23).  You can have three, yes, three huge chances to win!  BE SURE TO LET ME KNOW HOW MANY ENTRIES TO GIVE YOU!  You cuties you.
  1. Leave me a comment on a post.  I'd really like to know what styles of fabric you purchase and like the best.
  2. Post about the giveaway on your Facebook page with a link back to Summer Kitchen Quilts.  If you don't Facebook, it's a great way to keep in touch with friend and family, or become completely obsessed by it (don't do that, ok?)
  3. If you have a blog, write a short blurb about this fabulous giveaway with a link back to, yes, this will probably be a huge surprise, Summer Kitchen Quilts.


  1. I posted on Facebook and I'm commenting, so that's 2. :) Honestly I have not bought fabric since Yellow Bird closed. :( I'm still sad. I did not buy much even when it was open, as you know, but I loved that shop. What I would buy if Yellow Bird were still around?? Oriental prints. Just love them. Especially with fish on 'em.

    1. I DO have a private shop in my house with fabrics for sale. I still have a good collection of oriental fabrics! Call to let me know when you want to come by .

  2. Congratulations to those lucky ladies! They're in for a treat for sure. The fabrics I lean towards and enjoy are a cross between Mary Engelbreit and Primitive. I have bought her fabrics, also American Jane, Aunt Grace (I think that's the name)...love those 30's vintage fabrics and fairly bright colors. I'm really not attracted to the new mod designs much. I can appreciate them but I wouldn't buy them but then I went through that already in the 60's when I was younger. I guess I tend toward bright colors but in stripes and checks and small prints. I also love "ticking" fabrics.
    I just purchased some ME fabric for kitchen curtains and it is pale yellow with little red cherries and green leaves...I guess that's my style! LOL!

  3. Yippee, I'm a lucky gal, I'll email my address to you shortly. Hmm, I don't think I have a preferred style of fabric, although I do like most of the French General ranges, something about the colours appeals to me, and if a fabric is blue then I will certainly consider it no matter what style as my favourite colour is - blue.

  4. Congratulations you lucky winners!!!